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Remote hands

The most sophisticated remote management tools won't help if you need to physically install, move or manage equipment in a distant data center. Remote hands and smart hands services play an important role in today's IT operations, providing the skills and resources needed to perform tasks that must be handled onsite.

Currently there are 259 collocation data centers from 65 areas in United Kingdom (UK).

Being one of Europe's financial hotspots and a gateway to Europe for much of the transatlantic internet traffic, England / United Kingdom is of course one of the key data center markets in the European region. Most of the data centers are located in London, with Docklands being the most attractive location, and this is also where the central internet exchanges LINX and LoNAP have their bases. Together with The Netherlands, Germany and France, Great Britain is among the top four markets in Europe and is very well connected with direct fibre connections to a lot of different countries